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Shenzhen Aokal Technology CO.,LTD supply service for mobilephone, mainly for iPhone battery pack,iPhone LCD Replacement and iPhone Back Cover Assembly. AOKAL have always been to create high quality,stable and reliable battery products to meet customer's requirements.We constantly developing technology and services which to achieve a win-win situation. We guarantee offer safety,high quality and environmental friendly mobilephone

Categories and Products

iPhone Battery

iPhone 4 Battery

iPhone 4 Li-ion Battery Replacement with 0 cycle 

iPhone 4S Battery

iPhone 4S Battery Replacement Lithium-ion Battery Replacement Battery for iPhone 4S CDMA & GSM Brandnew 0 Cycle iPhone 4S Li-ion Battery 

iPhone 5 Battery

Brandnew iPhone 5 Replacement Battery Original Brandnew iPhone 5 Replacement Lithium-ion Battery New iPhone 5 Battery support iOS 11.4 update 

iPhone 5S Battery

Replacement battery for iPhone 5S compatible with 16GB/64GB Brandnew 0 cycle iPhone 5S Replacement Li-ion Battery New 0 cycle iPhone 5S Replacement Li-ion Battery 

iPhone 5C Battery

Brandnew iPhone 5C Replacement Lithium-ion Battery iPhone 5C Li-ion Battery support iOS 11.4 update New iPhone 5C Battery Replacement for old one 

iPhone SE Battery

Brandnew iPhone SE Replacement Li-ion Battery New 0 cycle iPhone SE Replacement Li-ion Battery iPhone SE Replacement Li-ion Battery iOS 11.4 update 

iPhone 6 Battery

AAA High Quality iPhone 6 Replacement Li-ion Battery iPhone6 Li-ion Battery Replacement Different Quality level Brandnew iPhone 6 Battery support iOS 11.4 

iPhone 6 Plus Battery

Brandnew iPhone 6 Plus Replacement Lithium-ion Battery AAAA Grade iPhone 6 Plus Replacement Li-ion Battery iPhone 6 Plus Battery Replacement for aging iPhone New iPhone6 Plus Battery support iOS 11.4 update 

iPhone 6S Battery

Brandnew iPhone 6S Replacement Li-ion Battery iPhone Battery 6S Replacement Li-ion Battery 3.82v 1715mAh New iPhone 6S Battery Support iOS 11.4 Update 

iPhone 6S Plus Battery

Brandnew iPhone 6S Plus Replacement Li-ion Battery New iPhone6S Plus Battery support iOS 11.4 update iPhone 6S Plus Li-ion Battery Replacement Original Capacity 

iPhone 7 Battery

Brandnew iPhone 7 Replacement Li-ion Battery New iPhone 7 Battery support iOS 11.4 update iPhone 7 Li-ion Battery Replacement Original iOS Update 

iPhone 7 Plus Battery

Brandnew iPhone 7 Plus Replacement Li-ion Battery New iPhone7 Plus Battery support iOS 11.4 update iPhone 7 Plus Replacement Li-ion Battery iOS Update 

iPhone 8 Battery

iPhone8 Replacement Li-ion Battery with Original Texas IC New iPhone 8 Li-ion Battery Replacement iOS 11.4 

iPhone 8 Plus Battery

iPhone8 Plus Battery Replacement Support iOS 11.4 Update iPhone 8 Plus Battery Support Lastest iOS Update 

iPhone Battery With TI IC

iPhone 6 Battery With TI IC

iPhone 6 Battery Replacement with Original TI IC Brandnew iPhone6 Battery Replacement with Original TI IC 

IPhone 6 Plus Battery With TI IC

iPhone 6Plus Replace Battery with Original TI IC iPhone 6Plus Replace Battery with Advanced TI IC Brandnew iPhone6 Plus Battery Replacement with TI IC 

IPhone 6S Battery With TI IC

0 cycle iPhone 6S Battery with TI IC Brandnew iPhone6S Battery Replacement with TI IC iPhone 6S Li-ion Battery Replacement with TI IC 

IPhone 6S Plus Battery With TI IC

Brandnew iPhone6S Plus Battery Replacement with TI IC 0 cycle iPhone 6S Plus Battery TI IC 

IPhone 7 Battery With TI IC

0 cycle iPhone7 Battery Replacement with TI IC 

IPhone 7 Plus Battery With TI IC

0 cycle iPhone7 Plus Battery Replacement with TI 

IPhone 8 Battery With TI IC

New iPhone 8 Li-ion Battery Original TI IC 

iPhone Battery High Capacity

IPhone 6/6S Battery High Capacity

High Capacity iPhone 6S 2200mAh 0 Cycle Battery iPhone 6 High Capacity 2200mAh Li-ion Battery Replacement 

IPhone 6Plus/6S Plus Battery High Capacity

iPhone 6S Plus High Capacity Li-ion Battery 3410mAh High Capacity iPhone 6Plus 3410mAh 0 Cycle Battery 

iPhone LCD Digitizer

iPhone 5/5S/5C LCD Digitizer

iPhone 5 LCD Display Touch Screen Digitizer Black iPhone 5 LCD Screen Display Digitizer Assembly Replacement iPhone 5S Full Set LCD Screen Display Touch iPhone 5C LCD Display Touch Screen Glass 

iPhone 6/6Plus LCD Digitizer

iPhone 6 LCD Digitizer Display Touch Screen Replacement iPhone 6 Plus Retina LCD Touch Screen Digitizer iPhone 6 Plus 5.5 Inch LCD Display Screen iPhone 6 Display Assembly Digitizer Screen Replacement White 

iPhone 6S/6S Plus LCD Digitizer

iPhone 6S Plus LCD Screen Replacement White New LCD Touch iPhone 6S Screen Replacements iPhone 6S Display Assembly LCD Screen Touch Digitizer iPhone 6S Plus LCD Digitizer Display Screen Assembly 

iPhone 7/7Plus LCD Digitizer

iPhone 7 Plus 5.5 inch LCD Digitizer Replacement iPhone 7 LCD Display 3D Touch Digitizer Replacement iPhone 7 Plus LCD Touch Screen Digitizer Assembly iPhone 7 LCD Digitizer Frame Assembly Full Screen 

iPhone 8/8Plus LCD Digitizer

iPhone 8 Screen Replacement White LCD Touch Screen iPhone 8 Plus LCD Touch Digitizer Display Screen iPhone 8 LCD Touch Screen Display Replacement iPhone 8 Plus LCD Assembly Touch Screen Replacement 

iPhone X LCD Digitizer

iPhone X LCD Display Touch Digitizer Assembly Replace iPhone X LCD Display screen Assembly Digitizer Replacement 

iPhone Housing Assembly

iPhone 5S Housing Assembly

Apple iPhone 5S Back Cover Housing Assembly Replacement 

iPhone 6/6 Plus Housing Assembly

iPhone 6 Hybrid Metal Back Cover Replacements iPhone 6 Plus Back Battery Cover Replacement iPhone 6 Plus Battery Housing Door Back Cover iPhone 6 Housing Battery Door Back Cover Assembly 

iPhone 6S/6S Plus Housing Assembly

iPhone 6S Plus Back Cover Housing Assembly Replacement iPhone 6S Back Cover Housing Assembly Replacement iPhone 6S Plus Back Cover Housing Replacement Metal iPhone 6S Back Cover Housing Metal Alloy 

iPhone 7/7 Plus Housing Assembly

Apple iPhone 7 Back Cover Rear Housing Replacement Apple iPhone 7 Plus Back Cover Assembly Housing 

iPhone 8/8 Plus Housing Assembly

iPhone 8 Rear Housing Back Cover Frame Assembly iPhone 8 Plus Back Cover Housing Assembly 

iPhone Case

MagCase For iPhone 6 Or 6S

iPhone6 Ultra Silm Aramid Fiber Magnet Case Slim Fit iPhone6S PITAKA Magcase Aramid Fiber 4.7inch 

MagCase For iPhone 6Plus Or 6S Plus

iPhone 6Plus PITAKA Magcase Aramid Fiber Phone Case Durable iPhone6S Plus Magcase 100% Aramid Fiber 

MagCase For iPhone 7 Or 8

iPhone 7 Aramid Fiber Phone Case with Magnet Slim Fit iPhone8 PITAKA Magcase Aramid Fiber Case 

MagCase For iPhone 7 Plus Or 8 Plus

Ultra Silm iPhone8 Plus Aramid Fiber MagCase Ultra Thin iPhone7 Plus Carbon Fiber Case 

MagCase For iPhone X

3D Grip iPhoneX Aramid Fiber Case with Magnet Fitness PITAKA Magcase Aramid Fiber iPhone X Case 

MacBook Air 11" Battery

Laptop Battery MacBook Air 11'' A1465 A1370 

MacBook Air 13" Battery

Battery Mac book Air 13" A1405 A1496 A1377 

MacBook Pro 13" Battery

MacBook Pro 13" Replacement Battery A1278 A1322 

MacBook Pro 15" Battery

MacBook Pro 15'' A1382 Laptop Battery 7200mAh/79Wh Battery Apple Macbook Pro 15inch A1281 A1286 Aluminum 

MacBook Pro 17" Battery

Apple Macbook Pro 17inch A1189 A1151 A1261 Battery Battery Apple MacBook Pro 17inch A1383 A1297 8800mAh A1309 A1297 Battery Apple MacBook Pro 17inch 14600mAh 

Macbook Pro Retina 13.3" Battery

Apple MacBook Pro Retina 13inch A1437 A1425 Battery Apple A1493 Battery MacBook Pro 13Inch Retina A1502 

Macbook Pro Retina 15"

Apple MacBook 15Inch Retina A1398 A1417 Battery A1494 Battery Apple MacBook Pro 15 Inch Retina 

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